Where dreams begin…

Darley Stud commissioned a special film to mark the launch of its new website – www.darleychina.com
The film is in keeping with the stylish, modern feel of the website, celebrating and capturing the beauty, power and mystique of the stars of Darley – its remarkable stallions.
I, along with the rest of the team at CPL, have been involved in planning, filming and editing of this project.
Two days of filming from breath-taking 240fps slow-mo to heart-pounding galloping shots in these superb locations in England and Ireland.

Bam! Trailer video

This movie trailer style video was made to accompany the email invites sent out to all guests of the Darley Stallion Parade, a two-day annual event held at its Newmarket headquarters.
Though primarily I used footage from the previous year’s event, I also got the camera out and captured a few extra detail shots (see the umbrella and rain puddle) to achieve a broader reach since the supplied footage package didn’t cover that.
Timelapse footage was the result of two GoPro cameras we installed during the event preparation stage.